Star Trek: Generations

This is the handover film in the Trek franchise where the reins are passed from the ageing Captain Kirk to sprightly, young Captain Picard.

Set about 80 years after the end of The Undiscovered Country, the new crew of the Enterprise set out to save a planet from an explosion caused by the maniacal Dr Sorren (Malcolm McDowell) who is addicted to a space ribbon that causes those touched by it to live out their dreams outside our space time continuum.

 The only film to feature the captains of both loved shows, Generations had high expectations, and while it has its strengths it certainly suffers from odd numbered Star Trek film syndrome.

 It sets out ok, with a classic Trek set-up: a distress signal and a mysterious stranger taken on board – but as it enters the final act it loses its way. The whole thing builds towards the two captains meeting to join forces against a foe, then when it happens it’s a bit of a let-down. The finale involves the two ageing captains in a fist fight with the almost-as-old Sorren in a desert somewhere, to save a planet we never see, while the rest of the TNG crew are forgotten. It just needs to be bigger.

Fan favourite Data (Brent Spiner) is wisely given a compelling sub-plot involving him being implanted with an emotion chip, but the rest of the crew are neglected throughout.

Passable but well below expectations, Generations fails to combine the brilliance of the two Trek series.

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