Blog: 5 Best Sci Fi Sex Scenes

If there’s anything sexier than science fiction I’ve yet to come across it. No pun intended. It’s unsurprising, then, that the genre has given us some amazing sex scenes. Here’s my top 5.

5. The Matrix Reloaded

This makes number five for the sheer weirdness of it. Outside of the Matrix, in the real world, humans live in Zion, a giant city far underground. But while its inhabitants are having a decidedly unorthodox, orgiastic rave in a cave, Neo and Trinity go at it in what looks like Luke Skywalker’s house. The city might be called Zion, but what’s going on here is pure Sodom and Gomorrah. And how does Neo work out which hole to put it in?

4. The Fly

One of the most repulsive horror films ever made actually gave us a really good sci fi sex scene. After Brundall’s intimate encounter with a fly he has a brief spell (before his bits start to fall off) of possessing super human abilities, including in the bedroom. You could call it a honeymoon period. Ha ha ha. What stops this from being higher up the list is that the 80s haircuts and briefs are extremely unsexy, even in a movie which includes a fly-man pulling out his own nails.

3. The Watchmen

While they usually have science fiction in them, superhero films are a genre on their own, so why is this here? Well the scene I’m talking about involves the four arms of a blue radioactive super man man stimulating his woman. If that’s not sci fi sex, what is?  

She describes the experience as “like licking a battery”. So she gets battery acid in her mouth which leads to gangrene and ultimately has her tongue amputated. Only joking. She actually has a really nice time. Until she realises he’s actually working on a nuclear experiment in the next room.

What results is a beautifully executed scene. Ok, so when you have a blue penis that big it’s hard to go wrong, but add “You’re My Thrill” by Billie Holliday and you have a great slice of sci fi sex.

2. Avatar

Not only is James Cameron one of the greatest sci fil film makers ever, he’s also an expert at sci fi sex, giving us two entries on this list. Now there wasn’t much sex in the original Avatar film, so when they made the extended edition they knew what people wanted.

I can’t have been the only one who left the cinema after watching Avatar (all three times) and thought “It was great, but I wish there was more Na’vi sex”. And when the extended edition came out, Cameron didn’t disappoint.

1. The Terminator

This “tech noir” is one of the all-time greatest sci fi films, and also delivers one of the all-time greatest sex scenes. When Sarah Connor finds herself under attack from a ruthless terminator, a futuristic supersoldier called Kyle Reese comes back through time to protect her.

What results is this beautiful encounter, where the danger and weight of the future is thrown off in the brief period of détente before the next attack by their ruthless assailant. At this point the movie’s theme music, that has until now been a brutal electronic trance, comes in delicately on the piano, perfecting the scene.

“Not very sci fi,” I hear you say. Well, I forgot to mention that Reese is in the process of conceiving the man who eventually sends him back through time in the first place. Stick that in your time machine and smoke it.

Special Mention

In the spirit of sci fi sex, here are two examples of terrible sci fi flirting from two of the genre’s biggest franchises

What’s your favourite sci fi sex scene? Comment below.

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