A Walk Among the Tombstones

You know that thriller where the retired cop investigates a case by himself to atone for a mistake earlier in his career? You know how he drinks too much and talks in a gruff, monotonous way? You know how he ends up tracking the killers to a house where they’re lurking in a basement, then one of them comes back and attacks him after he thought they were incapacitated? You’ve seen it before right? Then you’ve seen A Walk Among the Tombstones.

If this is an accurate representation of the book it’s based on, we can only assume the book is based on lots of crime movies, as a sense of déjà vu runs throughout this film. You don’t need your main character to be a seasoned detective in a film like this, as long as they’ve seen a few crime thrillers.

Presented as a clever and solemn cop movie, this is nothing more than reheated leftovers, with an overused Liam Neeson proving a boring lead. He mumbles his way through his lines, falling short on both accent and expression.

It’s not horribly made, with a fair amount of atmosphere, but it’s so predictable that the scenes that should be tense are left feeling trite. It goes through the motions towards its inevitable conclusion with scarcely a surprising incident along the way.

More like a plod among the tombstones.

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