On iPlayer: Point Blank

Point Blank is a French crime thriller about a nurse called Samuel (Gilles Lellouche). When a man sought by the criminal underworld, Hugo Sartet (Roschdy Zem), comes into his care, the criminals follow Samuel home and kidnap his pregnant wife to make him release the man from hospital. It’s not as simple as it seems, however, as Samuel becomes a wanted fugitive from his association with Sartet and a trail of police corruption involving police Captain Werner (Gérard Lanvin) makes it much harder to get his wife back than it first seemed.

If this sounds like a very conventional action/thriller plot that’s because it is. While not exactly predictable, it’s also never surprising as the story takes us down well trodden paths. At less than 90 minutes it never finds the time to be interesting as it races along. This being said, at least it’s not drawn out, cutting quickly to the chase and delivering where it counts.


The strength of this film is not in its story but in its good direction from Fred Cavayé who deals with the action well and keeps it feeling energetic. It’s also improved by its main character. Rather than the conventional action movie protagonist, usually a soldier, fireman or cyborg, Point Blank opts for a nurse. Not only is this a welcome change but it also creates an interesting pairing between he and Sartet: one cares for a living while the other kills.

This is a decent enough film, and considering it’s free and short, you can’t lose much by watching it, but don’t expect a game changer, just a competently made thriller with some good performances. It’s also another film based on false accusation, so if you want to see an illustration of my recent blog post on the topic, give it a watch.

Point Blank is available on iPlayer until Saturday September 7.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Gérard Lanvin)

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