Cub (Welp) is a partially crowd-funded Flemish film set at scout camp, in the middle of the woods, supposedly stalked by a werewolf boy. Cub, werewolf, get it?


Be Prepared: this is quite a nasty little movie, in the New French Extremity tradition, although the film is actually Belgian. Many of the characters are kids, younger than the archetypal teens that usually populate slasher cinema. There’s also a dog. No prizes for guessing how that pans out.

But for horror fans, this is well worth seeking out for its strong performances, savage execution and Carpenteresque music. As in John, not Karen. This trend for retro horror scores is already becoming tired, but it’s better than It Follows. In every conceivable way. It’s nasty, punchy and in tents. I mean intense.

In its third act, the film does get a bit lost in the woods. Like its characters, it walks into traps, following the slasher formula without adding anything particularly new. The predictable twists and turns are as glaring as camp fires. Plus, at just 84 minutes long, it could do with fleshing out its characters s’more.

Cub is a promising debut from Jonas Govaerts, who clearly knows the genre inside out, referencing everyone from Georges Franju to Stephen King. But does it offer anything we’ve not seen before? Unfortunately knot.

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