Grandma is a new comedy/drama from the director of Little Fockers. Wait, come back…!


Lily Tomlin gives a note-perfect performance as an acerbic academic, whose granddaughter (Julia Garner, also terrific) shows up one day needing money for an abortion – only to find that hippie Grandma has cut up all her credit cards and hung them in a mobile.

The film takes for granted that abortion is ok, and doesn’t get tangled up in polemic or argument. It just accepts that the procedure is something that women sometimes need, and gets on with its likeable family drama, as Tomlin and Garner hit the road to find some cash; imagine a feminist version of Nebraska (the Alexander Payne film, not the Bruce Springsteen album).

With great performances and low-key integrity, this is a charming take on female relationships and generational differences. Paul Weitz delivers a funny, bittersweet road movie, which wears its feminist politics on its denim sleeves.

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