I love cat videos as much as the next procatstinator, but a feature-length documentary about them is a different kettle of fish.

This Turkish film about the thousands of stray cats in Istanbul isn’t really a documentary so much as a catatonic tourism advert with a glaring pawcity of insight. Diretor Ceyda Torun sphinx it’s pawfully interesting to let the city’s human residents wax philosophical about these moggies for 79 minutes, and although there’s an ocelot of warmth on display, one quickly gets the feline there’s not enough content to engross even the most furvent cat fancier.

The cats themselves are clearly well looked after and as mewtiful as the scenery and architecture of Istanbul, but this is hardly a repurrresentative picture of the sprawling Turkish capital, hiding from view the city’s pawrer areas and scrawnier felines. Torun avoids hisstory and social issues altogether, and while pawlitical neuterality isn’t intrinsically a problem in a film about cats, Kedi soon becomes sopurrrific. Incuriosity killed the cat movie.

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