Chris Evans stars in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi set on a train that never stops running. Told you it was sci-fi. 

Captrain America

This 2013 tracktion movie follows the revolutionary lower-class tail-section passengers fighting their way towards the luxurious front of the train, and plays out like a horizontal version of Dredd. There’s even a clairvoyant character (Go Ah-sung), one of many derivative elements mashed-up and served with a healthy portion of schlock.

Channelling Land of the Dead meets Noah’s Ark (on a train), the film has fun with its central allegory and evolves from dirty steampunk visuals into colour along the way. Park Chan-wook serves as producer and there are plenty of Oldboy-inspired corridor fights using blunt instruments, hammering home the message about inequality with all the thoughtfulness of those poems you get on the Tube (an initiative launched by T. F. Eliot).

John Hurt invokes 1984 and plays a character named after Terry Gilliam, alongside strong performances from Jamie Bell, Ed Harris and Tilda Swinton in League of Gentlemen looking prosthetics that put the loco in locomotive. Ram-packed with comic book violence and Mad Trax aesthetics, Snowpiercer never goes off the beaten track but is easily the best English-language South Korean-Czech movie currently on Netflix.

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