An actress (Ingrid Bergman) encounters a dapper NATO diplomat (Cary Grant) who’s charming but trapped in a loveless marriage.


The story follows the couple’s relationship as it blossoms, accompanied by the raised eyebrows of their mutual friends Cecil and Phyllis (Alfred Munson and Margaret Munson). The rich couple in their swanky London surroundings aren’t as likable as that of, say Brief Encounter‘s more salt-of-the-earth types, which makes their affair harder to buy into and the film feel less exceptional. But their earnest affair becomes more complex as gender-based power games come into play, adding a level of interest which surpasses its initial promise.

There are elements of strong direction including a split-screen bedside phone call in which the pair appear to be sleeping together even though the film isn’t able to show the unmarried couple are actually doing this. And it benefits from strong performances from both its well-established leads, as well as some excellent costumes. The result is a well-made but fairly run-of-the-mill light romance.

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