A stinking rich teenager (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) with pushy parents (Sterling K. Brown, Renée Elise Goldsberry) sends his family into turmoil when he reacts badly to his girlfriend’s (Alexa Demie) unplanned pregnancy. But will love shine a light on their situation, and will they end up walking on sunshine?


This story of an obnoxious, angry teen and his well-to-do parents is hard to warm to. We’re never given a reason to root for the characters and so it’s hard to sympathise with their troubles. Their affluent lifestyle makes the particularly demanding father seem excessively obnoxious in a way Denzel Washington’s impoverished character in Fences never did.

Its biggest strength is Trey Edward Schults’s direction which makes brilliant use of light and colour and an atmospheric hip-hop soundtrack. It also features excellent performances from all the main cast. The film is more engaging when it changes track to focus on younger sister Emily (Taylor Russell), the only likable member of the family. But its dramatic notes feel familiar and have been done better elsewhere, making it closer to a splash than a tsunami.

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