Return of the Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Show, Live!

Seattle’s smartest seasonal drag queens are back on the road with their festive extravaganza, relegated to the studio last year due to the apocalypse.

Now into the North American leg of their tour, Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLaCreme have thoroughly polished their schtick to make the show even better than 2020’s impressive taped version. The characters are so well-defined by now that the jokes require no prior knowledge, helped by a refreshing lack of Drag Race fan service.

Jinkx is the coarse Jewish cynic, DeLa the manic Christmas-loving WASP who spirals at the mere mention of the pandemic. They fall out and make up through song, comedy and even puppetry, with the introduction of two new characters who act as exaggerated versions of their opulent operators. “Is this what it’s like to work with me?” they each wonder during the show’s many self-reflexive moments.

BenDeLaCreme’s production and direction display the multi-talents that make her the most successful contestant in Drag Race herstory, giving both performers room to show off their professional singing abilities and Space Needle-sharp wit. Add a sprinkling of new songs, dozens of magical costumes and hilarious video of the duo locked down together, and one thing is clear: if anything were to happen to Elizabeth II, these queens could deliver a show-stopping Christmas message.

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