Skew is another film from the pile that my co-goblin Alex got me for my birthday, a found footage horror movie from 2011 which strengthens my belief that Alex is trying to tell me he hates me.

SkewIn Sevé Schelenz’s debut feature, three friends (Rob Scattergood, Amber Lewis, Richard Olak) head out on a road trip to somewhere and one of them films the whole time for some reason. But then he notices that the camera appears to be skewing people’s faces, and you guessed it, weird stuff starts to happen.

SkewIn my blog about found footage films I complained about the way in which they require that a character keeps filming, when any normal person would have put the camera down and started flailing wildly. This is even more of a problem in Skew, because it’s his filming that appears to be causing all the badness to happen.

It’s also incredibly slow – a result of only having one idea, which isn’t even enough to fill the short 83 minute running time. There’s no horror, just a load of boring conversations between boring people. It’s never clear where they’re going, stopping off at odd landmarks such as the world’s biggest chair, which is the best thing in the film by a mile.

tmp_2012_00022_kheThis is a classic case of the found footage gimmick being used to cover up a complete lack of plot and characters and appalling dialogue and acting. As in Paranormal Activity, we watch some tedious footage and then we have to watch it again when the characters watch it back, and then it just ends on a completely unsatisfactory note.

The found footage sub-genre is one which has run its course – so obviously, next year sees the release of not one but two new Paranormal Activity movies. Just like their idiotic characters, these filmmakers just can’t seem to stop filming when everybody else is screaming at them to PUT DOWN THE CAMERA.

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