Carrie (2013)

I recently watched the Carrie remake. I didn’t pay, I hasten to add. It just popped up on Netflix. While I could talk about how mediocre it was, how unconvincing it is having a Carrie that looks the same as the popular girls, or how the introduction of videophones really adds nothing to Stephen King’s tale, the most significant, overriding problem with this film is how utterly unnecessary it is. So, instead of a normal review, I have made a list of things less pointless than this Carrie remake:

Chopsticks with soup

Heavy metal reggae

Curved TVs

Hair extensions for Rapunzel

A gravel fondu

S. Darko

A hermit with a sense of humour

A 4×4 that runs on fear

Bank holiday Sunday


An ice hotel in the Maldives

Vegan cheese

Putting a Rolf Harris painting on eBay

A North Korean election

The Flat Earth Society

Michelle Williams

Windows 8

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