Way Out West

Very much the Blazing Saddles of its day, Way Out West sticks Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy) in a Wild West setting – like Of Mice and Men but with two Lennies.


This 1937 comedy has more of a plot than Block-heads, as our hatted heroes are charged with delivering the deed for a goldmine to a saloon – a task well beyond their capability. Stan continues to shamble around on his own stupid plane of existence, while Ollie resembles a funny James Corden.

Way Out West introduces some very funny song-and-dance routines into the duo’s chaotic brand of slapstick, which endures because the dangerous stunts are done for real – you don’t need me to tell you that the sight of Oliver Hardy actually crashing through a roof is infinitely funnier than Adam Sandler being kicked in the balls by a CGI donkey.

Other highlights include Ollie stuck under a bucket, Stan eating a hat and the welcome return of his thumb-lighter. This Laurel and Hardy film may only be 64 minutes long, but their schtick is timeless.

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