Black Shampoo

Mr Jonathan (John Daniels) is a sexy hairdresser with a libido as big as his afro, who does more for his favourite customers than just their hair, presumably in violation of some sort of hairdressers code of ethics.


But having to give up his badge and hairdryer is the least of his worries, as his new receptionist, Brenda (Tanya Boyd), is threatened by a Mr Big from the local Mafia branch. No-one messes with Jonathan’s employees/love interests, so he takes matters into his own hands, dealing out rough justice blaxploitation style.

The biggest question in Black Shampoo is, is Jonathan his first name, like Jonathan Creek, or his last name, like Goodluck Jonathan? And it’s never actually answered – one of the few things in the film that’s left to the imagination.

His romantic antics make Shaft look like Poirot, as he deals out sex and violence in equal measure. He’s a great example of an irresistible movie character, who’s hit on by everyone they come into contact with, out of the mould of Lorelei Lee or John Turturro, but better with a chainsaw than both.

It’s funky, cool and at a svelt 85 minutes, never dull. But in spite of the brief running time it squeezes in a ten minute opening of Jonathan with one of his ‘customers’. Shot in two weeks on a shoestring budget that required Daniels to do his own wardrobe, the result is quite hair-raising.




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