Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

For Halloween I set myself the limit of only spending as much on my costume as Kevin Spacey’s latest film took at the box office, so I’ve got hold of a torn second-hand suit and I’m going as a slutty Slender Man.

Why is there always a barn?

Jason Voorhees had been in the ground less than a year when he was brought back by Danny Steinmann, who directed Friday the 13th: A New Beginning in 1985 and never worked again. Although it surpasses its predecessor in terms of kill count, nudity and stupidity, A New Beginning squanders two of The Final Chapter‘s redeeming features: Corey Feldman as Tommy, and the promise of no more Friday the 13th movies.

Now living at some sort of halfway house for bad actors, Tommy (John Shepard) is completely unrecognisable and entirely devoid of personality, thus eliminating any residual sympathy we might have had for our protagonist. While Feldman’s role is limited to a brief cameo (shot in his back garden on his day off from filming The Goonies), Jason is given way too much screen time, especially considering he died in the last film.

The once scary hockey mask now looks hokey, the attempt to introduce a psychological element appears mindless, and the self-referential comedy makes it feel even more contemptuous. If you know this is such a bad movie then why are you making it? If I was Jason and they woke me up for this shit, I’d be pissed off too.

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