Fahrenheit 11/9

Fahrenheit 11/9 (or to use its British title, Celsius 9/11) is the new film from Michael Moore, not to be confused with rapper Macklemore (or Dexter Jettster for that matter). 







Rather than another Trump exposé (there are plenty of books for that) this documentary is more a State of the Union Address by Moore, and boy what a state. He takes Trump’s election as his starting point and asks, like Hillary Clinton before him, “what the fuck happened?”

His targets include Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Barack Obama, centrist Democrats and both Clintons, landing every attack in an entertaining, convincing and somewhat selective style. He includes clips of himself apparently calling the election correctly but fails to mention his earlier prediction that Trump would pull out of the race.

Despite a polemical technique that comes at the expense of documentarian rigour, one cannot fault his storytelling or galvanising qualities. The focus on the water crisis in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, feels impassioned and personal, and footage of the brave Parkland shooting survivors offers hope that America’s future might be in safe tiny hands, just as long as it can be wrestled from unsafe tiny hands.

For Moore, Sweet Potato Stalin/Papaya Pinochet/Adolf Tweetler (or your Greg Proops-ism of choice) is a threat to democracy the likes of which America may not have seen but Germany most definitely has. Between the always amusing clips of Jeb Bush pleading for applause or Donald Trump saying “CHINA!” is a very real sense that Americans must act before it’s too late. And just in time for midterms. Please clap.

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