The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Possession of Hannah Grace is one of those titles, like The Exorcism of Emily Rose, that makes you think: don’t give your daughter 2 first names unless you want her getting possessed.

Not to be confused with The Possession of Mary Jane, which will get you 2 years in prison, The Possession of Hannah Grace follows a former cop and addict (Shay Mitchell) working the graveyard shift at a morgue. After processing the body of a young girl (Kirby Johnson) killed during an exorcism, she finds herself battling real demons as well as her personal ones.

This moribund morgue movie has too few ideas, resulting in a dull 86 minutes that leaves you envying the film’s corpses who get a nice lie down in a freezer. Nothing really happens and when it does it looks more moronic than demonic; more snorefest than gorefest. The bulk of the picture is concerned with the protagonist’s relationship troubles, compounded by boring characters and a script that makes you wish they cadaver rewrite.

By this point jump scares are so trite it’s become a cliché to complain about them, and they’re a perfectly legitimate technique, providing they’re executed effectively and in combination with other methods. That cannot be said of this dead-on-arrival chillerwhich isn’t even the scariest dead child story of the week.

The Possession of Hannah Grace gives Slender Man some stiff competition for worst horror flick of the year. As I was heading for the exorxit I heard someone say: “The Nun was better”; a more damning review than I could ever write.

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