The Show Must Go On: The Queen+ Adam Lambert Story

The story of Queen has been told numerous times, but this is the first to cover the period after Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991, showing how the remaing band members picked themselves up after such as loss and, after working with various collaborators, settled on charismatic Pop Idol star Adam Lambert as their new lead singer.
In addition to archive and recent tour footage the documentary interviews the band, famous Queen fans and a couple of people close to what happened. As we’ve written before, Lambert is the perfect mix of powerhouse vocals, a fun, camp, stage presence and a unique look and style to go some way to filling the gap left by Mercury while never seeking to imitate him. Remaining band members Brian May and Roger Taylor know that any imitation will pale in comparison, and so Lambert ends up with a brief almost the opposite of Rami Malek.
If Queen had been Freddie Mercury and three backing musicians, finding a new lead singer would never work. But as a genuine four piece, with songs and vocal contributions from all members of the band, it’s hardly unreasonable for the two founding members to want to carry on, as loved as their former front man is. And while Lambert wasn’t even out of elementary school at the time of Freddie’s death, it talks about his affinity with the singer, including public intrusions into his personal life during his time on American Idol.
Through archive interviews with Freddie he’s never forgotten, although they never go into how they managed to replace bassist John Deacon. Mercury even says the band would replace him if he died, although possibly with a bit of irony. When Roger is asked what Freddie would say to his successor, his reply is short: “bitch”.

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