Shatner in Space

Bill Shatner blasts off in this documentary about his most recent trip to space.

Star Trek Generations (1994)

Unsurprisingly this Amazon Studios production lionises Jeff Bezos for what we are assured is his environmentalism and definitely not the vanity project of a Top Gun reject pretending to be an astronaut. The Amazon founder explains how his childhood love of Star Trek inspired a passion for space exploration as a means of preserving the planet. So he did what any Superman villain worth his billions would do: create a corporation and make it one of the biggest polluters in the world. He plans to use all the money he has made from plundering the Earth’s resources to move his factories into space, thereby saving the planet he helped destroy.

Also unsurprisingly he idolises William Shatner, another man who talks a lot about Star Trek while neglecting its values to the point of contempt. Always on the lookout for a PR stunt (even if it means arresting people), Bezos realised that making Captain Kirk the oldest man in space would generate headlines about the 90-year-old being “delayed by wind”, piss off George Takei and create a buzz for his penis-shaped rocket (based on the fact that his penis resembles some shrivelled lettuce).

Contrary to the delusional ramblings of The Truth is in the Stars, Shatner in Space reiterates that the actor has never actually been to space before. Nobody seems more surprised by this news than Shatner, who is genuinely moved by the experience (he’s not that good an actor) and has revelations about death and the Earth that eluded him in TTiitS. Fortunately the film cuts before Bezos interrupts this outpouring of emotion to spray champagne around then throw the bottle on the floor, apparently forgetting that the whole point of this was to save the planet.

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