In answer to your question Haddaway, Love is a film about a man stranded in space. It opens during the US Civil War when a strange object is discovered, then takes us to 2039 and astronaut Lee Miller’s one man trip to the International Space Station.


With its massive time span, and notion of human events being influence by an alien object, this is clearly heavily influence by  2001: A Space Odyssey, and like 2001 it uses the vast expanse of its chronology to show the timelessness of its themes and ideas.

What’s fascinating about this film is that it’s an exploration of love through the condition of one character. Like Gravity it focuses on a lone survivor, isolated in space, and through this set-up looks at the fragility of the human condition and the need for interpersonal relationships. There’s food for thought here, even if it’s cryptically presented.

It benefits from visuals that massively exceed its $500,000 dollar budget, even if zero gravity remains an illusion too far. There are some very neat special effects and plenty of beautifully shot sequences to make this a treat on the eyes, and in the leagues of much more expensive films.

As a spiritual successor to Kubrick this is an enjoyable, thought provoking and occasionally confusing space movie.

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