Some Guy Who Kills People

Kenny (Kevin Corrigan) is an aspiring artist who works in an ice cream parlour. A man of few words, his world is shaken when his estranged daughter shows up, and a string of brutal murders occurs in their small village.

The main strength of this film is in its characters and acting, where there are no weak links. Corrigan breathes an impressive amount of life into such a monotonous, downbeat character; Barry Bostwick is great as the local sheriff providing some comic relief without being a bumbling clown, and Kenny’s mother (Karen Black) is brilliantly vicious in her chain smoking exasperation at her son. Lucy Davis (Dawn from The Office) plays love interest Stephanie, bringing her girl-next-door charm to the role. But the real star is Ariel Gade as Kenny’s 11 year old daughter Amy, who gives one of the best performances from a child actor I’ve ever seen, showing a maturity beyond her years.

Dawn and George Osborne on a date

The surly, antisocial man paired with a bright, chirpy and intelligent young girl is after the mould of Leon, and these two play just as well against each other. It’s gently amusing, and has a reasonably good, if not groundbreaking, murder mystery plot, accompanied by a series of blood spattered murders. But it never feels like an attempt to get as much blood on screen as possible, or like its trying too hard to be an over-the-top B movie, like, say, Hobo With a Shotgun, filmed with enough style to make sure we know its makers were going for quality not shock value.

Not content to sit around in the pool of blood that is a lot of low budget horror films, Some Guy Who Kills People has real heart, and is a well rounded, twisted delight.

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