Foxy Brown

Tagline: “A chick with drive who don’t take no jive! “

Pam Grier plays Foxy Brown, a sassy, sexy, hardass woman with the most subtle name since Pussy Galore. Foxy gets caught between her drug dealing brother and police informant boyfriend, and when her boyfriend is killed, she goes in search of revenge…

With its funky 70s tone and crime plot this is Shaft for people who thought Richard Rowntree’s boobs were too small. The revenge-based crime plot is nothing new, but Foxy goes about her business in an impressively uncompromising and determined way.

The tone is mostly light, with funny kiss off lines, funky music and silliness…then Foxy is drugged and raped. This was a bit too much of a tonal shift for my taste, and probably wasn’t necessary for Foxy to be entitled to exact some bloody vengeance on some lecherous criminals.

As a fan of Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, it’s great to see Pam Grier in one of the roles that clearly inspired that film. The influence on Tarantino is further evident with the funky soundtrack, stylistic quirks and revenge-based plot. Interestingly this shows how some of Tarantino’s more recent films, particularly Kill Bill, are basically just fairly silly entertainment films, albeit very well done. I’ve long argued Kill Bill is essentially Fox Force Five, Mia Wallace’s crappy pilot from Pulp Fiction, and seeing one of his major influences shows how shallow some of his work really is.

For some light entertainment, and to watch a busty lady dealing out justice, this is a pretty entertaining ride.

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