You’ve Been Trumped

As Donald Trump pulls ahead in the Republican polls, let’s see what happened when he tried to build a luxury golf course in Scotland.

b0659b1efbec88e9f0608fc9458c716659ab6916.620.350.11.0.618.349You’ve Been Trumped is a 2011 documentary about people standing up to the man – the man in this case being presidential hopeful and baron of vulgarity Donald Trump; so objectionably wealthy that he makes Mr Burns look like Jeremy Corbyn. This is a man who openly doesn’t care about anything beyond making money; he doesn’t care about people, or his ridiculous hair, or his stupid name, which he insists on plastering all over the place like a flatulent emperor.

The film tracks his movements in Scotland, walking around with his wiggy red face fixed in a contemptuous grimace, as he demands that Aberdeenshire residents be removed from their homes so he can build his ghastly golf course; demands that Alex Salmond’s government is only too happy to oblige, issuing the homeowners with compulsory purchase orders – one of those grim political euphemisms that basically means forcing someone to give up their land.

These residents are inspiring in their resistance and camaraderie, refusing to be bullied by a bloated supervillain who lives in a New York skyscraper, like the Kingpin from Spider-Man. Filmmaker Anthony Baxter takes the time to know these characters and learn about their lives, while getting his hands dirty with an admirable tenacity. At one point he’s arrested for no reason, begging the question of whether the police are protecting the public, or a private interest.

With its compassion, conviction and brilliant title, You’ve Been Trumped is a great documentary; a noble crusade against a man riding roughshod over the environment and people’s livelihoods, sold off by the government to the highest bidder – even as he cuts off residents’ water and seizes their property. Hail to the thief.

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