This 1980 comedy is set at an exclusive golf club and stars Chevy ChaseRodney DangerfieldBill Murray and a gopher.


Caddyshack makes occasional hints towards a plot but veers wildly off course, opting instead for a series of barely connected sight gags and set pieces. In general these are very funny, particularly Bill Murray’s ongoing battle with the gopher. It’s also sort of a sports movie and as sort of golf movies go, this is right up there with You’ve Been Trumped.

caddy-dayThe late Harold Ramis writes and directs with his trademark sense of anarchy, always punching up and rooting for the underdog. The villain is Ted Knight’s mean, pompous judge, while the heroes… well, there aren’t any heroes. Only weirdos. And Ramis is on their side, puncturing country club pomp with the same irreverential spirit that characterised Animal House.

The flip side of this unsubtle approach is that many jokes land in the rough, particularly the more scatological humour. There are more bogies here than bogeys. But the movie generally holds up, no thanks to Kenny Loggins. Nothing dates an ’80s movie faster than Kenny Loggins.

Well above par, Caddyshack is an enjoyably anarchic tale of golfers and gophers.


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