Truth or Dare

A group of cocky teenagers are lured into a cursed drinking game in Truth or Dare, a horror film about as palatable as a dirty pint.

“What have they done to the Guardian website??!?!”

Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare (as opposed to Madonna’s) follows the same tedious template as Final Destination, The Bye Bye Man and Wish Upon, in that the curse kills these obnoxious kids one by one and you know someone’s going to Google it at some point. At least the Final Destination movies deliver some gore; Truth or Dare (the 4th film of that name in 5 years) cuts away from the kills and ends up all douche and no scares.

Lucy Hale

Four writers are credited on this picture, half of whom haven’t written a feature before. Coupled with its slightly racist depiction of Mexico, the film’s stupidity would make it perfect viewing for Donald Trump if only it didn’t have “truth” in the title. The game dares characters to do things like have sex with each other, or tell the whole school about their friend’s infidelities. What kind of ridiculous curse wants to cause mild drama among a group of teens? If that’s your idea of Evil you might consider watching the news or Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Bloodless, witless and ending-less, Truth or Dare is another boring Bumhouse flick that can’t handle the truth and dares you to stay awake. At various points it seems like the studio was given money by Snapchat to keep saying the name of an app that no one uses anymore; money that was probably embezzled because it surely wasn’t spent on the movie. That’s all speculation. As far as we can prove, Jason Blum is ripping off nobody but his audience.

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