Edge of Darkness

2010 revenge thriller Edge of Darkness is not to be confused with the song ‘Edge of Glory’, no matter how gaga the plot.

Following the murder of his daughter (Bojana Novakovic), a Boston detective (Mel Gibson) seeks vengeance on her corporate employers. This was Gibson’s comeback role and seems designed to follow the Liam Neeson template. He’s watchable as ever, even though his only form of detective work seems to involve beating people up like they’re some kind of ethnic minority.

It shares with The Departed its Boston setting, screenwriter (William Monahan) and Ray Winstone, whose character makes as little sense as the title. Based on a BBC series from the 1980s, Edge of Darkness‘ dialogue feels dumbed-down (“I’m the guy with nothin’ to lose and doesn’t give a shit!”) and Martin Campbell’s (Casino Royale) direction clichéd.

While its strong lead, violent scenes and religious ending scream Mel Gibson, the generic story and forgettable execution bring us to the edge of tedium.

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