The Possession

Where most possession movies are based around Christianity, 2012’s The Possession features a Jewish demon – and since we call the Christian ones Jesus Creepers, it seems only fair that we categorise this one as Torah Terror.


Sadly the denomination of the ghost is the only difference between this and, say, The Other Side of the Door, which follows the same ‘Walking Dead star plus hint of racism’ formula. This time Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) plays the schmuck who buys an antique wooden box from a yard sale, only to discover the Jewish demon or ‘dybbuk’ that lives inside. Isn’t that just dybukkal. Before you can say The Oymenhis daughter (Natasha Calis) gets possessed, so he seeks out (via google) a Jewish exorcist. What, he couldn’t be a doctor?

The Possession is a haunted box movie like Wish Upon or (don’t say TeethTeeth, with the accidental comedy of the former, thanks in no small part to dialogue like: “Is my box alright?” and “She scared everybody with that box.” But director Ole Bornedal (Masturbator – that’s a TV credit, not an accusation) must shoulder his share of the blame, failing to create the slightest sense of atmosphere and misjudging every scene, many of which end so abruptly they look like mistak

Based on a true story (the story in this case being “man buys box on eBay”), the Sam Raimi-produced Challah Chiller ritualistically ticks off a series of clichés as offensive and Old as the Testament, including the black woman who dies first and the bitch of an ex-wife. The end product is as silly and scare-free as your average Jesus Creeper – and that’s a unifying thought if nothing else: when it comes to horror films, religions are all as bad as each other.


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