Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) goes on a violent quest to stop the Illuminati from getting the power to control time. Fortunately she learnt everything she needs to know from her archaeologist father (real-life pop Jon Voight). Everything except how to pack suitable clothing.


As Croft Jolie is at her best and worst, doing a terrible English accent but embodying the video game character with her natural charisma and impressive physical commitment to the role. By that I mean her handling of the action, rather than her willingness to wear a pointy bra to give her the impossible proportions of her pixelated counterpart.tomb-raider-original-game

It remains well within the bounds of the post-Matrix era: gravity-defying fights set to high energy techno music. Fortunately this lends itself well to a Tomb Raider film, and the action is competently handled, which is good news because there’s enough to make Indiana Jones look like Robert Langdon. The effects are of their time, but not too badly aged, the plot expectedly straightforward.

But while it may be mindless and silly, it gives us exactly what we want from a Lara Croft adaptation. The action is relentless and fast-paced, we feel like we’re seeing the Croft of the source material, and compared to 2019’s woefully boring re-hash it’s slick and fun, resulting in a video which is entertainingly game.


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