Extraction is a new Netflix action movie from a story by the Russo brothers – if you can count “mercenary rescues kidnapped boy” as a story.

It’s odd that the guys who brought such levity to the MCU would create such a leaden, depressing picture, closer in tone to Rambo: Last Blood than the last Avengers films – a white man (Chris Hemsworth) kills many Bangladeshi people to save one child, even though half those killed are also children. Better suited to lighter roles, Hemsworth has little to work with as the tough-guy-with-emotional-baggage and the film does little to distinguish itself from other generic Netflix titles like Geostorm and Origin Wars.

Director Sam Hargrave (stunt coordinator on Endgame) delivers some frantic first-person action sequences, choreographing fast-paced urban combat in impressively long takes – think 1917 meets 300, which makes it 2217. Though I still think they should have called it The Extractor. In any case, I wasn’t a fan. Pushing two hours, the movie routinely interrupts its bursts of frenetic action for plodding dialogue, dour violence and the assumption that a subscription to Netflix implies a subscription to the notion that white guys are good guys.

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