Da Kath and Kim Code

Look at me Kimmy. Lot at me. Look at moiiiii. Now I’ve got one word to say to you: feature length episode.

Made in 2005, between the show’s third and fourth season, this is part Da Vinci Code sendup, part Christmas special, and part any other episode of Kath and Kim: Kim and Bret’s (Gina Riley, Peter Rowsthorn) marriage is on the rocks, Sharon (Magda Szubanski) struggles to find a date and Kath and Kel (Jane Turner, Glenn Robbins) become dancers for Michael Bublé (Bublé). The only characters who are developed further are snooty shopkeepers Prue and Trude (Riley and Turner) who have their own mini-sidestory which plays out through their workplace gossip.

Boris Johnson on holiday

Like feature length Victor Meldrew adventure One Foot in the Algarve, it takes longer on the set-up than usual, and has about as much to do with The Da Vinci Code. Its relevance is mainly in the form of occasional references rather than in shaping the story, with Kath and Kel returning from a typicaly tacky Da Vinci Code tour of Europe, including a stay with a living descendent of Jesus, and Kim inadvertendly becoming a less-than perfectly proportioned Vitruvian Man. There’s also a sub-plot involving a mysterious monk which like the novel has limited pay-off.

But in spite of sticking to the same old schtick it’s consistently funny, thanks to jokers in the pack Turner, Riley and Szubanski, who are on form as high as Kim’s hair. Like Kenny and Muriel’s Wedding it has the offbeat style unique to Aussie comedy, and what results is an enjoyable K+K fix even if it doesn’t match the mad-cap show’s brilliant best.


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