Clash of the Titans

In ancient Greece, Zeus (Liam Neeson) and his fellow gods are dependent on the prayers of humans to survive, so when their creations rebel, a huge conflict isn’t far behind. It’s up to Perseus (Sam Worthington), son of Zeus, to save humankind from the wrath of their overlords in this remake of Ray Harryhausen’s 1981 film.


The logic underpinning the human rebellion is flimsy at best. “The gods rely on our prayers to survive – but we don’t need them” they reason, overlooking the fact that if they no longer provide what the gods need there’s nothing to stop them from being wiped out. It’s unclear who we’re even meant to be rooting for; the vain, totalitarian gods or the foolish, self-righteous humans.

It remains true to the original, featuring equally unimpressive special effects. The elaborate and confusing CGI camerawork is presumably a by-product of the film’s cynical 3D retrofit. This is most true of the extensive and boring expository flashback scenes which are nauseating and obviously rushed in production.

Also true to Harryhausen’s film, it has little respect for the legends it’s based on, featuring a Kraken all the way from Norse mythology (why not shove Freddy Krueger in as well?).  But in addition it crams in so much dodgy acting, slow pacing, uninspired music and poor dialogue it actually makes the 1981 version look good.

Crap of the Titans.

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