The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

Calvin (Sam Harris) is a World War Two veteran who killed Hitler in a secret mission, and now lives out his life peacefully in a small town. That is, until officials from the US and Canadian governments approach him for help killing Big Foot, who’s carrying a disease which threatens all of life on earth that only Calvin is immune to.


This is a peculiar film which is far from as gratuitous and daft as its Hobo With A Shotgun style title suggests. It’s funny in places but maintains a rather subdued and reflective tone. Calvin killed Hitler, but is still racked with guilt at having had to take a man’s life, showing a vulnerability that probably wouldn’t exist in a similar film starring Rutger Hauer or Clint Eastwood.mwk_5_e1549578221493.0

The story of Big Foot carrying a deadly disease is unexpectedly convoluted, and is really just there to give Calvin extra motivation to go through with it. Most action films about older men (Rambo: Last Blood, The Equalizer, The Mummy) focus on showing how ruthless they are, but The Man Who Killed Hitler shows a tough character who’s become more reflective with age.

The titular man is excellently played by Harris who gives an intense, believable performance which plays a big part in the film’s overall likability. What results is a well made bit of counterfactual retro-historical tweakery that’s worth a sasqwatch. Let’s call it Inglourious Big Foot.

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