Blade II

Some time after Blade, that old bloke who we all thought was dead is back, and that woman we thought would take his place is gone to make way for a new love interest. The plot, or, to use its full title, the ‘excuse for Blade to kick some vampire ass’, centres on a new breed of super-vampires, which half-vampire Blade and the regular, only a bit evil vampires must unite to stop.
The good guys joining with the bad to defeat a stronger enemy is standard action sequel fare (Terminator 2, X Men 2 and Thor 2, for example). It’s a shorthand way of proving that a sequel is bigger and better than its predecessor. But Blade II, helmed by legendary Spanish director Guillermo Del Toro, isn’t just bigger and better because of this. It delivers more over-the-top swordplay, more horrible horror and more of Blade looking cool.

It’s an action movie cliché that cool guys never look at the explosions they’ve caused, preferring to walk cooly away, chilling in the warmth of their own coolness, and the explosion. Well Blade takes this a step further and never looks at anything. He doesn’t look at anyone when he’s talking to them, he doesn’t look when he’s fighting, and in one scene even catches his shades without looking at where they’re going. Even on the occasions where his head is pointed in someone’s direction you can’t tell if he’s actually looking at them thanks to his shades. If you can measure coolness by the amount someone looks at stuff, Blade is the arctic before the industrial revolution. He makes the Fons look like Oliver Cromwell.

 As stylish and exciting as its main character, Blade II delivers another slice of action. Fangtastic.

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