Quiz Call: Middleton’s Changeling

Quiz Call takes us back to ’98 via the 99p Store with Middleton’s Changeling, or as the show called it, Middleton’s Chageling (or is it Middletine’s Chanling?)

Based on Thomas Middleton and William Rowley’s play The Changeling, you’d only know it as Middleton’s Changeling if you happen to be a producer on Quiz Call or a conspiracy theorist about royal babies.

According to IMDb, the story follows a young man (Colm O’Maonlai) in love with a woman (Amanda Ray-King) who is promised to another, but there’s no way you’d grasp the plot just by watching the movie.

Overall incompetence renders the film incomprehensible to the point that it’s not even clear when it’s meant to be set. The classical setting has anachronistic cars and an electric guitar soundtrack, suggesting director Marcus Thompson thinks he’s Derek Jarman when he’s more like Derek Smalls.

Featuring a truly bizarre cast including Ian Dury, Billy Connolly and John Cooper Clarke, it resembles an amateur production staged at a Greek holiday resort, or a period episode of Star Trek set on the holodeck (without the charm).

Marred by terrible acting, unintelligible dialogue and what might be the worst sex scene ever put to screen, Middleton’s Changeling fails so completely that it should be called Middleton’s Grayling.

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