Quiz Call

A few years ago there was a late night phone in show on Channel 5 called Quiz Call. The show involved a shameless moron host in a broom cupboard studio begging drunk people to call in so they could be be kept on hold on a premium rate phone line for a minuscule chance of being chosen to answer a seemingly easy question (e.g. “Films beginning with M”) to win a piddling cash prize.

Remarkably this offer turns out to be worse than it sounds once you find out what the answers are. Fortunately, after new legislation was brought in (that’s how bad these shows were) the hosts were forced to reveal the answers to the questions at the end of the night, and then berated the viewers for not getting them.

Quiz Call has long since been consigned to the dustbin of television history next to Flockstars, Celebrity Gender Swap and Joey, but we thought it would be fun to review some films which were obscure enough to be answers on the show.

Hat tip to YouTuber Toasted Video for uploading these videos which have brought us so much pleasure.

Out of over 1,000 film reviews, there are eight we’ve already reviewed, and over the next week or two we’ll be watching some more and letting you know if they deserve to be more famous than Quiz Call.

Films with numbers in the title

One Hour Photo

In one of Robin Williams’ more serious dramatic roles, the actor gives a subtle and sensitive performance as a photo shop worker who grows obsessed with a family whose photos he develops. It’s one of the better known films on this list, and someone actually guessed it, bagging themselves a couple of hundred quid in the process, minus the couple of grand they probably spent on hold to get through.

The 25th Hour

Starring Edward Norton, this rather flat effort from Spike Lee is largely forgotten, so he’s got Quiz Call to thank for introducing it to literally dozens of people who were too munted to remember in the morning.

K-19: The Widowmaker

This is probably the best known film here, maybe even the best-known Quiz Call answer ever. Thankfully someone actually guessed this one, so Quiz Call had to part with £200, or twice that night’s production budget.

Films beginning with M


It looks like some pervert somebody already guessed this one, although the host’s presenting style may have offered something in the way of a visual clue.

Mommie Dearest

“Mommie dearest, can I call into Quiz Call? I know a film with an A in the title”

“No calling into Quiz Call ever!”


Animal Crackers

Ok so this film is quite well known. I’m guessing the reason it got past the Quiz Call impossibility test is because it’s not really a musical.

Movies with ‘man’ in the title

Rain Man

The producers were probably hoping viewers wouldn’t bother guessing Rain Man because it’s too well known. Hubris, thy name is Quiz Call lady.


Dr Strangelove

Not all the Quiz Call answers that are films come from questions which ask you to name a film. This one is a response to a question which asks you to put any word or words before or after the word ‘love’. Guessing Dr Strangelove would have bagged you £150. So would guessing ‘love & baseball’ or ‘love and anarchy’.


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